Volunteer Opportunities and Our Team

Hello again!

A new page called volunteer opportunities has been created. This page elaborates on the positions we’re looking to fill by presenting an overview of the position, explaining what the position requirements are, and explaining what the position’s responsibilities are. This page has a hyperlink in the volunteer application page. The our team page has been updated to show avatars for each staff member. A few more items were added to the communities page.


Communities Page Update

The Communities page has been given a massive update. Our list of state communities has expanded, convention communities have been added, and state event communities have been added. We hope this page will be utilized by furries looking to connect with their local communities and event communities. We will continue to update this page as we gather more information about various communities.

More updates are coming!

Website Updates 3/23/18

There’s some more website updates, some of which you have probably seen already! Here’s a quick list of what’s changed:

  • We have a new, faster host
  • The logo has been recreated with vector graphics
  • The entire site has been recolored and rethemed
  • We are now protected by SSL and Cloudflare
  • We now have the ability to lock certain pages to logged-in users only
  • We now have a store with various merchandise
  • The Event Calendar system now accepts event submissions pending site-admin review
  • Event organizers can publish, edit, and delete their events without the need of a site-admin (ask us for the right permissions)
  • Various tweaks and fixes for the performance of the website

As always, we hope you enjoy the updates!

New England Furs March 2018 Update

New England Furs March 2018 Update

New England Furs has made great progress during April. Our Discord server has seen fast growth, and our website is showing a higher amount of traffic than previous months. However, we are still not quite where we want to be in terms of activity on our event calendar. We also continue to show no source of revenue or donations at this time. That being said, we have some nice updates moving forward and we are hoping to continue to make progress.

New England Furs Website

We are continuing forward with a large focus on our website. It is easy to access and the URL is easy to remember. We hope that this ease combined with developing features will continue to attract more New England furries to our community. We would also like to invite all of you to submit your feedback and other comments through our Contact Us page. Think something can be improved, or want an event added to our calendar? Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you and assist in spreading awareness.

New England Furs Event Calendar

We have opened up a submission section for events. You can find the Submit Event link on our navigation bar. Simply enter the appropriate information and we will review it for addition to our calendar. Please note that we are not endorsing or sponsoring any events at this time. We have neither offered nor received request for any affiliation. We may or may not change this in the future.

New England Furs Discord

Our Discord server has seen some amazing growth. Our community may have noticed that Offline Users no longer appear in the list of users on the right hand side. This is because we have reached a user count of over 100, totaling at 110! We are thankful for those who have chosen to join us and bring together as many furries in the New England area as possible. Currently we plan to rearrange some of the channels and increase our moderator staff. If you have never heard of Discord, please check it out here: https://discordapp.com/

New England Furs Finances

New England Furs now has a financial framework in place. New England Furs is not a formal company or business. Really, we are just a bunch of furries getting together to communicate and have fun. However, I want to approach the financial side professionally and transparently. For example, a company or business tends to release Financial Reports on an annual basis. This shows a summary of money coming in and going out, assets, inventory, and more. I will be doing the same process from this point forward. I will also be releasing an annual Financial Analysis that explains the costs more specifically, and forecasts future costs. You can find these documents available at these URLs:

The reason for this level of transparency is due to the community. Without the community, New England Furs would not exist. If a member of this community decides they want to financially contribute, I feel they should know where that money is going. The community can also help spot mistakes, offer alternatives to cut costs, or point out major problems. This puts more power and knowledge in the community’s hands, assists in keeping New England Furs’ financial direction on track, and creates an understanding of the costs associated with New England Furs’ operations.

The New England Furs website also now has a donation button, at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. Anyone who wishes to donate may do so. Funds are deposited into a unique PayPal account created for New England Furs. All donations will be used to pay towards operating costs. Donator’s can determine the amount they donate, so that donations can be as small or as large as they would like.

The idea of generating profit has come up. Should New England Furs sell products, so that donators can feel they’re able to directly get something back instead, should New England Furs try to generate revenue for expansion, or should New England Furs sell products at-cost? No decisions have been made, so there could still be New England Furs coffee cups, t-shirts and bumper stickers in our future.

This is the most significant update yet for New England Furs, starting off 2018 with a strong addition to the foundation for a working organization. There is still much more work to complete, so stay tuned for updates. We are just getting started for the year.

Privacy Policy

We have added a new Privacy Policy which is going into effect immediately. You can find the Privacy Policy on the right hand side of the footer on this website. You can also find the Privacy Policy here.

This has been created for the protection of our members and ourselves. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Community Member Profiles – Social Links

Social links have been added to member profiles on our website. This section, known as Social, contains areas where you can list your social profiles on other websites and programs. This will allow our users to connect with others across various platforms if they so choose. Currently, this section supports Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, FurAffinity, and Tumblr. This will be expanded over time. We hope our community members enjoy this new feature and others as we continue to implement them.

Member Enhancements

We have enhanced the site for the community’s members. Visitors can now sign up to become a member and access member profiles, private messaging, friends lists, activity streams, notifications, and more! We will continue to bring new features for our growing community over time. We hope you enjoy!

New England Furs 2.0

Welcome to our new website! We are now powered by WordPress, and we are much happier for it.

Aside from the new look, you will find a much more feature rich event calendar. We hope to have options for event organizers to get their events on the calendar as quickly as possible. For now, this process happens manually with us reviewing specific websites. We will be releasing an email address soon for event organizers to submit events, but this is not the only tool we intend to bring to the table.

Another feature coming soon will be user profiles. You’ll be able to input information about yourself, your fursona, customize what’s visible to the public or specific groups, and share it as you see fit. Expect to see this within the next day or so.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us so far. We look forward to a bright future with you and new members together!