Volunteer Opportunities

Web Department

Event Aggregator

We are looking for an Event Aggregator to monitor a large number of online communities, and create and manage events in our website’s calendar.


  • Monitor and assess the events of internal and external communities
  • Create and manage calendar event items
  • Advertise our calendar to event hosts
  • Assist internal and external event hosts in obtaining their event calendar items and elevated privileges as necessary


  • Ability to monitor several websites and social media platforms on a daily basis
  • Excellent data entry skills
  • Strong analytical skills

Discord Department

Discord Manager

We are seeking a Discord Manager to nurture a strong Discord community, increase awareness, establish a friendly atmosphere and develop an enviable image by developing and executing effective communication and Discord events.


  • Monitor, analyze and communicate Discord results on a quarterly basis
  • Manage the design and layout of the Discord server
  • Establish and maintain rules based on fostering a safe and friendly atmosphere
  • Manage the hiring, training, and termination of Discord staff
  • Set objectives for the Discord team and monitor team members’ performance
  • Create, manage and host monthly Department meetings
  • Assist Event Hosts with Discord events
  • Manage sensitive issues to maintain New England Furs’ good reputation


  • Knowledge of Discord administration and management tools and techniques
  • Experience managing Discord servers
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills (oral and written)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Team management skills
  • Creativity and problem-solving aptitude

Discord Moderator

We are looking for a promising Discord Moderator to support our Moderator team with various administrative tasks. Our ideal candidate will have great problem solving and public relation skills. A fervent interest in communicating with people and deescalation skills are very important to us. If you are also well-organized, confident and an excellent communicator, we’d like to meet you.

The goal is to facilitate the smooth running of daily Discord operations and success of Discord efforts.


  • Monitor and filter text chat
  • Monitor voice chat
  • Enforce the rules of the Discord server
  • Deescalate crisis situations

Marketing Department

Marketing Associate

We are looking for a Marketing Associate to help plan and implement our marketing and advertising activities.

For this role, you should understand the full marketing mix and be familiar with ways to analyze market research and customers’ behavior. You should also be able to create spreadsheets and analyze quantitative data to interpret ROI and KPI metrics. You should be prepared to work in a short-staffed environment, and to take on additional responsibilities based on your skills.

Ultimately, you should help us achieve our business goals through building strong marketing campaigns.


  • Gather and analyze consumer behavior data (e.g. web traffic and rankings)
  • Conduct market research to identify opportunities
  • Create reports on marketing and sales metrics, like conversion rates
  • Assist with organizing promotional events
  • Keep organized records of marketing metrics and results of past campaigns
  • Ability to work without additional Marketing staff, and able to take on additional responsibilities as necessary


  • Knowledge of marketing digital tools and techniques
  • Solid computer skills, including MS Excel, web analytics and Google Adwords
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong analytical skills with a goal-oriented attitude